Holistic and Integrative Nutrition

Holistic nutrition or integrative nutrition is a nutritional approach where the medication strategies are also given based on the whole mental and also the physical condition of the patient other than using the same method that specializes in only one aspect of the nutrition. In holistic nutrition, the dietician can examine the medical history, physical & mental state, lifestyle & current meal plans of the patient. Each person must be treated differently and uniquely because all are unique individuals. One may have similar symptoms as another person, but how he/she developed these symptoms and the way they'll be healed is exclusive to every individual. Human bodies have a fantastic ability to heal, and also holistic nutrition gives the body the food and energy needed to take care of optimal health.

  • Nutrition philosophy
  • Holistic Therapy
  • Holistic Therapy
  • Depression Holistic Healing
  • Feline Holistic Cancer Treatment
  • Holistic Addiction Treatment
  • Traditional Western Medicine
  •  Functional Medicine


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